Friday, May 2, 2014

5 for Friday AND Currently

I'm doubling linking this post with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade (2 blogs I totally love!) 
It's already May. Seriously?! Where has this school year gone? Oh yea, I spent 10 weeks of it at home sleepless and frazzled  cuddling with my precious baby. Anyway, I'm totally digging Farley's design for this month's currently.  
Listening: Pretty self explanatory. I typed up my Currently stuff while students were working on their CARE books and just listening to the conversations they have with each other is super entertaining. They are often slightly creeped out amazed at the amount of "stuff" I know about their personal love lives (I could write a whole separate post on this topic...) but I love to give them "independent" time and just sit back and observe. :) 
Loving: Personally, global warming has served me well this year. I loved our super cold winters and I'm not complaining about pleasant temps in early May. Hit me up in August and I'll be hating the heat, but it's Texas and it's what we Texans do..complain about the heat but make fun of other people who can't hang with it. 
Thinking: May is one of my favorite months. It starts off with my hubby's birthday on the 8th and ends with mine on the 31st. And I love birthdays. Seriously love them. 
Wanting: I'm not really a shopaholic but it does make me happy during stressful times. Buying new shoes or a purse can make my week. I need a good shopping trip. 
Needing: Listen, I've been trying to eat better (less fried foods, etc.) but I am CRAVING a Zaxby's chicken salad. It's my favorite fast food place (don't tell Chicfila) but there is only ONE within an hour of my house. Texas needs more Zaxby's. PLEASE.
Surprise: Go visit this fabulous blog. It is for the art teacher at my school, Alex Alkire. We went to Elliott together (and are both back to teach at our old school!) and she is just fabulous. Not only is she a talented art teacher who the kids LOVEEEEE but she is just a cool person. Super talented. AND she and I trick 90% of the kids at our school into believing we are sisters... :) Check her out!! 
come to the Art side

OK, on with the 5 for Friday: 
I think this technically happened last week but we found out our positions for next year. (At our school, there is A LOT of moving around with looping and such so you never really know where you will be...I mean, within reason. I both love and hate it. haha) Anyway, I will be teaching 5th grade reading next year for all of the monolingual classes and I get to teach Gifted and Talented again! It is totally one of my passions so I am excited! 

 Also last week, we went on our 5th grade field trip. I love field trips. I love planning them and everything. This year we went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It was really great. The Indiana Jones exhibit was AWESOME! Everyone got a tablet and got to participate in this field trip with the tablets and it was just so fun. We could have spent hours in that one exhibit but we had a packed day. I was super excited because they were going to have a Wizard of Oz exhibit and had advertised the ruby slippers and everything BUT we got there and it was a replica of the slippers (lame...) and that exhibit was geared toward younger kids but they did have cool stuff in the gift shop! :) 

 You can totally tell that we have passed the majority of the state testing at our school. I came out at 5:15 the other day and my car was the only car in the parking lot, with the custodians. #endofyearsyndrome

 Last, but certainly not least...look how big my cutie is getting. 

Phew, that's it. What a long post but it catches you up on all the juicy details of my life this week. Have a great weekend! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin'! 


  1. ooo Are those the ruby slippers from Oz?!? What a great field trip! Best Teacher ever :-P Awww your baby is cute!

  2. What? no mention of the super 5th grade drama? cell phones, etc. Love workin' wit cha - Literacy Princess!

  3. Teaching gifted and talented sounds challenging. In our school district we call it the PATS program. (Program for the Academically Talented Students) My daughter was in PATS and she enjoyed it a lot. She is now in 8th grade. I wish they grew out of that fifth grade drama but sadly, it gets worse before it gets better! Your field trip sounded awesome!

    Heidi Neels
    Friends in First