Sunday, October 5, 2014

Currently...yes, I am a blogging failure

Y'all. I am having one of those years. I feel like I am never "caught up" and unfortunately that means my poor ole blog suffers. But I promise I haven't been a sucky teacher...look, I'll kind of prove it! ;) 

Recognize anyone on there?! I am thrilled to be (one of) the Teachers of the Month at my school. It's even sweeter to share the title with my beautiful friend, Esther! [You may recognize her from my vacation pics--I told you I work and PLAY with awesome people.]

Anyway, sorry for my total slackage on the blog but I am trying my best to figure out the best way to balance my 78 10 year olds, my one year old and the rest of my life :) 
\PS. This pic totally speaks to me right now...

Football season. You gotta love it. and it's ok to hate it sometimes. ;) [[However I will say, the hubs has totally rocked at trying to balance football life and home life...we are just spoiled since we all spent 24/7 with each other this summer.]]

Ok, on to my Currently! I'm tardy for the party but better late than never! 

Listening: It's Sunday. I'm married to a coach. I live in Texas. #footballislife
Loving: We lost power in a storm on Thursday afternoon and it didn't come back on until Friday afternoon. And it's still 85+ in Texas.
Thinking: I'm typically not a countdown kind of teacher. I love my job. But this year has been...challenging. and Mama needs a break. 
Wanting: I mean, like I said...challenging year. I am fairly certain a pedicure, massage and shopping spree would make me feel better. Pretty sure. 
Needing: I can't catch up. I need longer days or just a good solid work day. 
Trick or Treat: TREAT!! The English AND Spanish versions of my Reading Review folder are on sale for the next week :) Enjoy!! 

Alright, that's all I got! 


  1. Hi Caitlin! I'm struggling to understand how you possibly made it 2 whole days without a/c! Bless your heart! I live in the deep south where the humidity reigns supreme and I'm c.r.a.b.b.y with a capital C when I'm not comfortable! Here's to staying cool... and War Eagle! :)

  2. I need that football sign.. but for my husband. I am a football addict. It is my favorite thing about fall.. that and pumpkin everything! I could use a good massage. I am getting a pedicure in a week and maybe I will get a chance to do a little shopping soon. I have not done it in a few months!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the October Currently! I sympathize with you in sooo many ways!
    Come and check out my current Currently!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  4. Congratulations on Teacher of the Month! Nice to know that you're appreciated!

    Oooh! I want a pedicure and massage, too! It's been too long! Sorry about the AC! I live in TN, so I can relate. When my air goes out I go swimming at the local pool, or go walking in the mall. I hope your year improves. The holidays are just around the corner!