Monday, February 2, 2015


Ya'll. I've been gone for a LONG time. I don't really have a good reason other than to say that this school year (Number 5 for me) is the most ridiculously crazy one yet. So many changes. So much paperwork. So little time. Sigh. 

Listening: I love Downton. My hubs' fam in Cincy got me hooked 2 or 3 years ago while on Christmas break and I still love it. I start talking in my [Texas] British accent after I've watched too many episodes. :) 

Loving: It was in the 40s today! It finally feels more winter-like since it was in the 80s last week. It was insane last week..don't get me wrong, it was beautiful but we very rarely get winter weather so I want a few days of cold! 

Thinking: Anybody? 5 weeks. just sayin...

Wanting: It's been a long year. I need some relaxation time. Plus, Hubs has had basketball tournaments the last 4 weekends and I've started teaching Saturday school so we need a date night! 

Needing: Between SpEd referrals, tutoring lesson plans, Saturday school lesson plans, regular lesson plans, data analysis, PDAS, GT portfolios and everything else on my plate...I have got to tackle this to-do list. But I'm exhausted every night. 

Pageant Title: Seriously. My friends email me everything to make it adorable and fontastic. It's a gift. 

I promise to try harder to blog more frequently...and I have some awesome TPT products in the works...stay tuned! 


  1. :) We were thinking of the same thing! Spring Break! I can totally relate to the exhaustion. We're in the same shoes with that one, as well. I hope you get some cool weather soon.

  2. It sounds like we have many of the same too warm is definitely not one of them...last week it was -40C here with the windchill!

    Good luck with the date night with Hubs. I know how important it is to make that time for yourselves!