Saturday, January 9, 2016

Don't Worry---I'm Still Alive

Raise your hand if you're the biggest blog failure of the year?! 

{{That'd be me}}

Ya'll. Seriously. What is wrong with me this year?! I could give you excuses like: 

1. I'm back in 4th grade so I'm learning to work with a new team/partner teacher in planning sessions
2. We had such gianormous class sizes that we had another teacher added the 5th week of school which rocked my world and changed my teaching assignment but which also was the BEST thing ever. (Shout out to Katie Wrenn, the missing piece to our team that we didn't even know we needed) 
3. I started grad school 
4. I realized that sometimes "mom-ing" is the most important job I have and it beats out blogging, school and work so playing basketball, racing and snuggling take precedence over me writing 
5. I'm tired 

But let's be honest...I haven't blogged because I haven't really had anything major to share.

This week at school I got a student teacher. This isn't my first student teacher but I feel like this time around, I actually know what I should and shouldn't do :) (sorry to my other girls...hopefully I didn't fail you completely!) Working with Alyssa (that's my student teacher/new fav person) has re-reminded me of why I'm in grad school and why I have previously spent so many hours trying to become better at my job. 

You see, I started grad school even though I have a 2 year old because I want to be an academic specialist. Not only do I love working with students, I want to work with teachers too. Obviously my subject of choice would be ELAR but I don't know that I've ever shared on here my other passion in the education world: teaching gifted learners. So my masters is in Teacher Leadership with an emphasis on Gifted and Talented Education. I've loved 66% of my classes so far (the ones about data and curriculum) and I can't wait for this semester to get started. 

I promise to at least try to blog once a month this semester and hopefully I'll have some cool stuff to share with you guys (all 7 of you who might still follow this blog!). 

Here's to a new year! 

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