Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reading Review Folders--best thing EVER

So last year, our Academic Specialist showed me a folder that was used in a college course over curriculum. The moment I saw it, I had visions of colorful paper, fonts, graphics and (oh, yea) reading content coming together in one beautiful reading review folder. The only sad thing, I made the folder at the beginning of April and in 4th grade, we take our state assessments at the end of the folder didn't really have time to serve it's full purpose. Lesson learned. This year, after we finished teaching all of our TEKS (the standards in TX), I pulled out the ole Reading Review folder, revamped it for 5th grade and we were ready to go! The folder has sections that cover (almost) everything our students need to know for poetry and fiction and (most) of our nonfiction TEKS. During any kind of independent practice, I let my kids use their folders as a reference tool. My hope is that some of these little things will stick with them for good. 

This is the front of the folder. (I just used a file folder and folded it so that both sides opened. The front focuses on poetry, sensory details and figurative language. The simile/metaphor and analyzing poetry portion were on my kids' folders when I taught 4th grade but I added the other stuff for my 5th grade darlings. 

The Back

The back of the folder is kind of "unorganized" in that it has random topics (Context Clues, Analogies and Types of Conflict) but these things needed a home and this was the best fit. The types of conflict opens to explain the 4 types (character v. character, character v. nature, character v. society, character v. self)

Inside the folder is mostly information for fiction texts but I also included a little booklet I got off of TpT about text structures. You can find it here if you want to purchase it yourself :)

More of the inside :) 
 So I hope to get all of this stuff up on my TpT account (when I actually set that up...). It's totally useful and my kids use their folders all the time to refresh their memories about elements of fiction we've already studied. Tell me what you think! 


  1. Have you set this up in teachers pay teachers or do you have an electronic version? I would love a copy!