Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Countdown is On

So I'm not one who usually does countdowns. I mean, maybe sometimes but I don't live my school days from holiday to holiday or anything like that. But yesterday, when talking with one of my teammates about my plan in Reading for "the two weeks before Spring Break" and the "two weeks after Spring Break" I realized that..uh, I only have one more week of instruction before Spring Break and only 2 after until the dreaded and highly anticipated STAAR test. (WHAT?!?!) 

I think I dread the STAAR test because it seems like so much rides on the students' scores. I totally understand the need for some sort of assessment to make sure that students are on grade level and that they are ready for the next grade level, but I feel like the people who write the tests in Texas are paid extra to make them super confusing for kids. Anyway, that being's 17 instructional days until my kids have to show what they know. Pray for them. Pray for me. Pray that these next few days are purposeful and as stress-less as possible! 

My goal is to try and blog more frequently but with the chaos of testing season, it is what it is! :) 

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