Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Peek at my Week

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Ok, let's see...what's going on this week:
This week is the first of two weeks of intensive intervention for some of my students who didn't do so well the first round of state testing. :( In Texas, 5th graders must meet standard before moving to the next grade level and some of my kids just weren't quite there yet--it is what it is. SO, we are going to be doing a mixture of test-prep and authentic reading with stories and articles. I'll be honest 11 days is a very short amount of time to help some students grow 2-3 grade levels worth but we will do our best! My other students will be working in stations on their CARE books, independent reading and literature circles. I LOVE literature circles--since I was out on maternity leave for 10 weeks (I still can't believe that...) I am starting true lit circles later in the year than usual but I had to get some good guided reading in first! 

Also this week: Tryouts for the Phantom Tollbooth play! I can't wait--some of our 5th graders are really talented and I can't wait to get to the fun part...actually practicing the play and starting to do sets/props. Our fabulous art teacher, Ms. Alkire (ps. Read her blog!) is helping us along with the art club (The Mini DaVincis) so I can't wait to see everything come together! 

Last but not least, I started reading this gem last night: 
As expected, it is wonderful. Some of the teachers in our district are doing a book study on it and I can't wait to hear all the wonderful conversation about this book...PLUS I have already started my list of "next year I will.." stuff based on tips in this book. 
Funny side note: I actually student taught at Trinity Meadows Intermediate in Keller, TX where Donalyn (used to) and Susan Kelley work! With these two ladies, my mentor Mary Fran, and the other fabulous teachers at TMIS, those kids are really in the presence of fabulous teaching. Seriously.  

Alright, that's the peak at my week! Hope ya'll have a great week--its the last week of April. Can you believe it?! 

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  1. Sounds like a super busy week! We'll get through it for sure! Thanks for the shout out, can't wait to see what the kids have come up with for the play. :)