Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday--blog slacker edition

It has been way too long since I've last blogged, or linked up with anybody. I wish I had some cool excuse but really I've just been swamped at work, had a sick baby at home and then got tonsillitis myself! [can a girl catch a break?!] :( 

I will try to be better next week! :)

Ok, so here is a peek at what we've been up to in Room 410:

Our science state assessment is in a week and a half so I have been trying to support my partner teacher by reading science books in guided reading. Our PTA had $300 allotted to each grade level and we chose to spend our money on these books by the Sally Ride Science foundation. I totally LOVE them! They are high interest and they have 4-6 questions at the end of every book to check for reading comprehension. Below are a few of the titles we read this week. (Listen, I'm totally NOT a science person, so for me to think these books were interesting is really saying something...) 
Weathering and Erosion: Wind, Water, and WavesEnergy Transformations: Transformers at Work

 I have finally started getting stuff in order for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It will probably be June before everything starts popping up (but hey! you might find something for next school year!) Here is a list of what's to come probably this summer

  • Questions to use in guided groups (FREE!!)
  • Interactive Reading Notebook for 4th and 5th Grade (aligned to TEKS and Common Core--you're welcome, Texas teacher friends!) **Bonus, my fab colleague is translating this bad boy into Spanish too for all of you bilingual teachers! 
  • Reading/Literacy Stations for 4th and 5th graders
  • Vocabulary puzzles and activities 
  • Reading Review folder :)
My wonderful brother is helping me to format everything because he is way more talented than me when it comes to all that wonderful stuff. I can't wait to get things ready to go! 

Every year, our campus has CARE Day (Celebrating Authors and Readers at Elliott). The kids all write their own original stories that they share with students in all the other grades (K-5). I'll write a post on this magical day (seriously, it was my favorite thing we did when I went to this school) later. Anyway, we've been writing these CARE Day Comics which are coming along fabulously. Below is a preview of my kid's "To Do" list. 
I'm seriously so excited to see the final products. Some of their stories have the potential to be hilarious.
My partner teacher and I have foolishly taken on the task of putting on a 5th grade play. We are doing the Phantom Tollbooth which is my favorite chapter book to share with kids. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I think I always secretly wanted to star in a play but now I will just live vicariously through some super-talented 10 and 11 year olds. 
Ok, I'll admit it. I wasn't thrilled about moving to 5th grade. But I have absolutely loved it...probably because I looped with so many of my kids from last year...but it has just been so fun. I love the kids. I could however, do without the love triangles, girl drama and note passing. (Side note: My kids are baffled that I know all the current gossip. #1 I have wonderful little loyal spies #2 I'm not blind/deaf...but I digress). Anyway, being the awesome teachers we we (my partner teacher and I) made this: 

It has had such a wonderful outcome :) Some of my serial note-passers are terrified their oh-so important notes will be shared with the whole class and plus, it cracks up every adult who enters the room. Best Friday classroom management tip I can share, peeps. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend (and a Happy Easter) week is Science STAAR testing. yay. 


  1. Love! When is Phantom Tollbooth?

    1. Audra--we are going to perform toward the end of May...I'll be sure to invite you :)

  2. I teach 4th grade in TX, so I'm really excited that I found your blog! That's awesome of you to help our your Science teacher by reading science books during guided reading. Every little bit helps! I hope your kids did well on the Reading STAAR...our school got the 5th grade scores back last week, and there is some work to be done before the next administration. Can't wait to read more of your future blog posts!

    Ladybugs Lounge

  3. How do I follow you? I was just looking for a Bloglovin button and don't see one.

    Ladybugs Lounge

    1. Well I wasn't on Bloglovin before but I just added it (thanks for the thought and for WANTING to follow!)--I'm trying to figure out the button :)