Monday, May 4, 2015

Made It Monday

Guys! Look...I'm blogging again in less than a week. Gold star for me, please.

I have been dying to share with ya'll my latest Made It Monday (which is like, a month overdue but let's just pretend...)

Ok, so around Christmas time, I decided to redo my bedroom decor. The hubs was thrilled. [not.]
Even though we have a walk-in closet, I needed more space for dresses and sweaters/jackets [can I get an Amen!??] so we bought a stand-alone wardrobe from Home Depot and I painted it turquoise.

THEN, I got two old screen doors from my Great-Grandmother's house in Clarksville, TX and after scrubbing those bad boys, I repainted them to match my turquoise closet. 
The doors after a scrubbing but before paint.
My Great Grandmother must've been fabulous because the doors
were very close in color BEFORE I painted them, to the after color :)

The finished product looks like this: 

I also made the baby. ;) He's my best work of art yet! :)

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