Friday, May 1, 2015

Reflections of a Teachaholic :)

So obviously I've been like, the worst blogger ever this school year. Remember how I whined complained vented shared early this year that I was having a rough school year. Listen, I totally was. This has been the most challenging year for me so far. Granted I've only had 5 but the first four were a freakin' breeze compared to this. [seriously.] Anyway...I want you to know, I have survived. ((cue Queen Bey))

Somehow, someway, my little devils darlin's wormed their way into my heart. I seriously am going to miss this group of kids so much. I'm pretty sure we have a future president, some NFL stars, a Nobel Prize winner, screenwriters, authors and a whole slew of other amazing jobs to come from these kids. Why I couldn't see this in October...November...December? Idk. 

Anywayyyyyy, I'm pretty sure every teacher has always dreamed of being THE teacher that impacted a students' life. I really really think, there is a possibility I've done that this year...and that, my friends, is the absolute best feeling in the world. But, in order to get to this point, I've had to come to peace with this: 
1. Sometimes, it's acceptable to go to recess and have time to get to know your kids. It really is. I promise. In fact, I think it saved my year. [[Plus now my boys know how amazing I am at football]]
2. Scores matter. But they are not the only thing. [duh.]
3. I can do anything for 187 days. ;) 

Ok, #3 is sort of dramatic, but at the beginning of the year, I was seriously living day by day and just trying to make it through. Now, I'm sadly realizing how few days I have left with these kids. And it makes me want to cry. #teacherprobs #amiright? 

On a happier note...I'm looking forward to this summer when I can make more TpT products ((especially some stuff I made for the school year that I loved!)) AND when I can start planning how to conquer the world have a successful year next year as a 4th grade teacher. That's right peeps, I'm going back to 4th. But I'm taking my amazing partner teacher with me. :)  Isn't she cute? Love her. 

Talk to ya soon (probably...maybe?) 
Love, Caitlin 

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  1. You didn't mention the teacher who freaked out at the news and almost opted out of another year! Nevertheless, we all know you will rock the 4th grade world. Just watch out for the Munchkins; they are so little when they enter fourth. lol