Saturday, March 1, 2014

A [Late] Five for Friday

I'm a little late with this 5forFriday, but that is about par for the course this week! It has been a ridiculously crazy week.I'm so thankful, and a little terrified that Spring Break is only 1 week away. [More on that later] One day my 5forFriday will revolve around school work, but when I try to remember what the heck I taught this week, I am drawing a blank. That's how this week was...{seriously}.

 On Monday afternoon I went to a training about teaching students to revise & edit! [Now before you roll your eyes and think BooooooRinG...] The training was lead by one of the AMAZING coordinators in Irving-Jennifer Burchfiel. [Funny side note: she taught 1st grade at my elementary school when I was in first grade and she still looks the EXACT's like she never ages.] Anyway, JB is one of my favorite presenters because she gives USEFUL tips and strategies that are NEW [as in, not the same ole, same ole] and that can be easily implemented the next day. So instead of watching the clock the whole time, I was engaged and it made me miss teaching Writing in 4th grade [for one hot second...then I remembered how nice it is to only have one STAAR test..:)]
I have been reading one of my favorite books of ALL TIME, The Phantom Tollbooth, to my kids everyday. They love it. Well, we finished the book and are starting to read the play. I'm sure I will regret this later, but my partner teacher and I are considering doing a school play with this book. [super fun, but a ton of work...] 

My son rolled over twice this week...once for MY dad and once for my hubby. I never really understood what people meant when they said "it [time] will fly by" but now, I can't really remember anything in my personal life that didn't revolve around Jackson. [And I'm okay with that!] 
We had our very last Destination Imagination meeting this week--kind of bittersweet. I SO need the extra time I now have, but it is super fun to watch my kids problem-solve and work together for a common goal. DI should be a class in school (one day, when I rule the world)

5 Days until Spring Break. 15 days until STAAR testing.
That's all I'm sayin'....

This weekend we are in Clarksville (Texas) visiting my grandparents. I love being able to escape to see family and to hang out in the country. I am totally a city girl, but sometimes the break from the chaos is sooo necessary.

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  1. YES! Time flies SO fast! When my peanut rolled over for the first time I burst into tears! LOL She will be starting Kindergarten next year before I know it she will be in college! Enjoy your little one!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade