Saturday, March 1, 2014

Currently March--My very first Currently!

I have admired and followed Farley's blog for, probably, 2 years now. I think she and I could potentially be besties due to our shared love of the ... and !!! Anyway, she hosts linky parties each month and I'm linking up for my very first one! 

Listening: We are in Clarksville, TX to visit my grandparents (Jackson's GREAT grandparents). They live on a farm and have a bazillion cows (or at least a couple hundred) and we love coming to visit. Both of my parents grew up in Cville so it seems like they know everyone here. As we sit in the living room, my Gramps has Fox News on in the living room and they are playing with/talking to Jackson. Adam (my hilarious "baby" brother....ok, he's almost 20 but he's still MY baby brother) is making sarcastic remarks about everything and it is cracking me up. 

Loving: I am practically a newborn in the blogging world, but my oh-so-connected friend Andrea Keller is the most tech-savvy person I know. She knows people all over the world, has a bajillion ideas for integrating technology in the classroom and is just all around AMAZING. AND SHE tweeted and Facebooked my little ole blog to all her blogging/teaching/technology friends. 'Preciate it, Busy Bee :)

Thinking: Next Sunday we are headed to Cincy to see my hubby's family. It's a long trip anyway but we've never attempted it with a BABY. I hope J makes the trip easily...Once we are there it won't be an issue because J will be around fam who will marvel in his cuteness and give him lots of attention..but the car ride...yikes.

Wanting: need I say more? 

Needing: People. I hate working out...unless it's playing volleyball. But since I get to play volleyball never these days, I've got to figure something out. Summer is approaching and I plan on teaching baby J that during the summer, all we do is swim and lay by a pool reading. 

????: Any guesses...? :) 


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! You are going to meet some of the BEST teachers/people in this little community we have going on :) My best advice is to just take it slow and try not to get overwhelmed with it all. Sounds like you have a great mentor to help!
    Have a great Saturday!
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten

  2. Replies
    1. Places we are going on vacation this summer :)

  3. Welcome to Currently! Family time is the best! Hope you have an easy drive to OH!

  4. Hey, our blogs are about the same age! Based on my experience, a long car trip with an almost 6 month old will be ok, but then you can't go anywhere for the next 14 months. Have a great month!

    Not very fancy

  5. Welcome to currently ! It's fun to read everyone's comments. I think those are the places you have lived.