Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Choose to be Happy!

This week was..awful. I mean, terrible,horrible, no-good, very bad, awful. Stomach bugs ran rampant, paperwork was flowing out of my ears and deadlines for EVERYTHING crept up on me. My even got a neck spasm from stress...BUT, I am going to choose to share the things that made me smile this week. :) 

1. I bought my plane ticket for my girls trip to Myrtle Beach this summer. Lookout Pawley's Island, a few of us are taking over! I can't wait to spend some time laying on the beach (and by the pool) and hanging with my besties. 
This is where we are staying. Yes, please. 

Sidenote: I got this email from the owners and it totally cracked me up. I gotta make my handwriting into a font and cash in on this! :) 

2. One of my students stapled his paper like this. Because of the ridiculousness, I started laughing and had to take a picture. He didn't even do it to be funny. He is just that ridiculous without trying. Several of my kids (especially the ones who I looped up to 5th grade with) were laughing too because I am usually so organized with everything in a certain order and everything has a procedure, etc. but this week we were all just a little "off".  :) This mis-stapled paper basically summed up class this week. haha

3. We had our district-wide technology fair and I took Jackson with me. He snuggled up to my dear friend Danna and it was so precious! 

4. Speaking of Jackson, (and due to last minute change of plans), we went to the Spring carnival at my school today and enjoyed the sunshine with one of my besties who I happen to also teach with, Carrie and Mateo (aka Jackson's future bff). The weather was wonderful, I didn't have any responsibilities and it was so fun! 

He is just too cool for his mom's shenanigans. 
5. This video made my day. I love Frozen and the song Let It Go. You HAVE to watch it. It is just too darn perfect for all of us who will be administering STAAR next week. 

Alright, this is probably it for me before Tuesday. If you think about it, pray for all the teachers and kids in Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday as they take the super stressful state assessments. (Specifically the little darlings in room 409 and 410 at Elliott!) 
Have a great weekend! 

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