Sunday, June 8, 2014

Random Sunday stuff

I randomly found this linky party and it is perfect for all the stuff swimming in my head right now, so I decided to join! 

 School is out! I'll be honest, I love summer, but I also love my job, the routine and my I'm still in that in-between phase of being excited about summer but being sad because I had to say good bye to my fab 5th graders. womp womp. Give me a few weeks, some pool time and a vacay and I'll be wishing for a longer summer. :) 

Tomorrow I start a new round of curriculum writing. It is seriously so instrumental in making me a better teacher because you really have to immerse yourself in the standards. It's hard work but I love my team! I'm ready to get started! 

Check out my "Books I Want to Will Read This Summer" stack! 
This actually isn't all of them since I left my 2014-2015 Bluebonnet books at school :( I am going to try to sneak in tomorrow and grab them. (Side question: Do you have to turn in your keys at the end of every year? We do and it always causes a minor panic attack for me because I can't get my stuff if I need it over the summer!) Anyway, what is in your "must read" stack for the summer? Before Jackson, I used to spend hours poolside reading, so this summer will be a little different but I still want to read as much as possible--no summer slide for me! :)

My brother has started designing and formatting some stuff for TpT for me! (I know I've been saying this for a while but it's really happening)...My to-do list of stuff I want to make is insane but I have it bundled into more manageable pieces. If I get it all done this summer, my life next school year will be monumentally easier. So get ready Mrs. Davis--our pedicure and planning sessions will start soon! :) [[Mrs. Davis is the amazing 5th bilingual reading teacher at my school and she is going to mirror my products, but in SPANISH!]]

I get to go to a reading conference with Donalyn Miller on Friday. Be jealous.

That's all for now! I'm totally digging the randomness of this "smorgasbord" linky. 

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  1. At the end of year, although I relish the idea of relaxing during the summer, I just can't "let it go." I dream about my former *sniff* *snuffle* students and keep planning lessons in my head. It seems to take me a full week to wind down. That said, I'm ready to start planning the opening comprehension lessons for next year. Yes, I fall squarely into the obsessing teacher category! I did go into my school today and got one of the things I had to leave behind on Friday. I may actually go back tomorrow for the other one if they don't kick me out on my behind! lol