Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FIRST Teachers Pay Teachers Products are UP!

Ok, I'm excited. Probably overly excited since most of the blogs I follow have talented teachers with approximately 23456765432 products on TpT BUT I have uploaded 4 products (2 freebies) to my store! 

I have added library labels (which I totally use in my own classroom), questions for guided reading and a "How to Avoid the Summer Slide" handout you can share at the end of NEXT school year. (Late, I know but hey, it's finally done.. AND it's in English and Spanish. Boom!) 
How to Avoid the Summer Slide HandoutDiscussion Questions for Guided Reading
Classroom Library Labels-Chevron

I am finalizing the formatting for the product I am most excited about right now. My Reading Review Folder! You can read about this little gem here. Well guess what?! I have decided to share this beauty with the world. AND AND AND, it's going to be available in Spanish. You're welcome. 
I mean, let's be honest, I didn't have to do the hard work of translating..I left that up to my talented friend Mrs. D. But SHE is awesome and we are an awesome team :) 

Anyway, check out the stuff I've added and make sure to check back next week as some other fun stuff is FINALLY being posted. :) 

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