Friday, June 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday ...on a Friday

Yes it's technically Friday. 
Yes this post IS titled Throwback Thursday.
But let's be honest...days of the week don't exist in the summer for teachers.
Am I right?! :) 

I couldn't resist this linkup and Thursday got away from me! 

This is me in 5th grade. 

Listen, I LOVED 5th grade. I finished the school year and declared I wanted to be the 5th grade GT teacher when I grew up. (Spoiler alert: That's my position next year!!) 

I knew after 2nd grade that I wanted to be a teacher. I had the most amazing teaching in the world, Mrs. Smiley, and she just completely rocked my world. I hope one day to be someone's "Mrs. Smiley"--the teacher that impacts their life so immensely that they keep in touch for the next 20 years :) [[Mrs. Smiley sat with my grandparents at my wedding--that's how special she is to me!]] Anyway, I knew I wanted to be a teacher forever but Mrs. Turner in 5th grade just really made reading so fun! 
So there's my throwback Thursday :) I'm hoping to try and actually participate in this fun linky series this summer, so check it out next week!! 

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