Sunday, August 17, 2014


I have been totally MIA lately. I blame back-to-school days...but really, it's because I've been on vacation. And in professional development. And working in my classroom some. 

Side note: Our school floors are being re-done (again..) and we STILL can't officially get into our classrooms to set up. I've been in a few times to organize cabinets and "relove" a bookshelf (check out that on Made It Monday next week!) but we can't do anything until floors are done and classrooms are actually cleaned. LAME. We go back officially (for trainings) on Tuesday. Floors will maybe be cleaned by Monday. 1 day. 1 day people. So all your cute "look at my classroom" pics are making me angry jealous.

Back to this past week: 
I left last Saturday for Myrtle Beach, SC with 7 of my closest friends...who all happen to be some of the most amazing teachers in the entire world. We were missing some of our wonderful friends but we had an absolute blast. Here we are arriving at the airport in SC...
Demesha (Administrative Liason), Mandy (Math Interventionist/Coach), Mary Jo (Reading Interventionist/Coach K-2), Megan (3 rounds of 4th Grade Reading), Danna (Academic Specialist-aka the Literacy Queen), Carrie (Reading Interventionist/Coach 3-5), Esther (1st grade self-contained bilingual), and Me! :) [[I thought you should see how many Reading teachers we had...there was alot of reading done during rainy times on vacation]].

We had a blast eating delicious food, [trying to] soak up the sun, avoiding the rain, chatting in the hot tub, and hanging out on the Grand Strand. 
Pictures on the South Point of Pawley's Island 

First night out-Broadway at the Beach

Yes we color-coordinated for our trip to Brookgreen Gardens. Please take a second to be jealous of how cute we are. (jk)

I had such a fun time. These girls make going to work even more fun... We loved the place we stayed, Sea Oaks Retreat  and ate at so many yummy places. I even must admit (and this is coming from a proud Texan...) that the people we met in South Carolina were the friendliest people I have ever met. Everyone was so nice and helpful and we couldn't stop talking about how wonderful they were. Southern hospitality is a real thing, ya'll! 

Anyway, we FINALLY get to get into the school building tomorrow. Thank goodness so I'll be back on track with blogging (hopefully, maybe). See ya soon! 

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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic (and colour coordinated) time!