Sunday, August 3, 2014

Teacher Brain

Y'all. It's already happening. Back to School Teacher Brain. You know what I'm talking about...when you lay down to try to sleep and it takes at least an hour to even start falling asleep because you are making lists, mentally writing emails and redecorating your room [all in your head].

Tomorrow we start back with professional development (does it make me weird that I secretly like going to PD?) and I'm a little excited and a little anxious. Jackson has gone to daycare before but he's been home with us for 2 1/2 months this summer and I.AM.DREADING taking him to daycare in the morning. There will be a meltdown. [He might even cry too]. 

So instead of sitting here worrying, I'm going to list the things I look forward to doing this week and in the coming weeks:
1. Seeing my friends. Yes, I've seen them all summer but when we all get in's magical.
2. Going to lunch with people in between PD sessions...great convos are ALWAYS had
3. Getting into my room to redecorate. It's going to be GREEN and it's going to be AWESOME. 
4. Organizing school supplies. [aka, my happy place]
5. Learning new stuff to use in the classroom (Notice and Note are at the top of the list)
6. Going on VACAY with the girls. Now if that pesky Tropical Storm Bertha would head the other way, that'd be great. 
7. Bonding with my students. I already know some of them and they know of me but I am ready to REALLY know them. 
8. Did I mention new school supplies? 
9. Making the Back to School video for the teachers. My friend Carrie started this tradition at least 5 years ago and I have hopped on board to help...we get all the teachers to send in pics of their summer activities and we make a video to share first thing at our school PD sessions. It's always so fun to see what people send in! 
10. A fresh start. There's something so exciting about being able to do your job (and hopefully do it better) the second, third or FIFTH time around :) 

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