Friday, August 22, 2014

First Year Flashbacks

What age group and subject were you teaching?
I was teaching 4th grade Gifted and Talented students. I only had 18 kids. It was a dream.

What was your first classroom like?
My first classroom was TINY. I had lockers on one wall, a counter and cabinets on another, my white board and a bookshelf that didn't move. I hated the room while I was in it, but after leaving, I realize how cozy it was. My room was (and still is) super colorful. :)

Were you given supplies or materials?
. No. I bought everything myself. Hundreds of dollars. It's a good thing I didn't have my own baby then! My district DOES however provide teachers with tons of valuable resources but supplies, decorations, classroom library books, etc. all come from the teacher's own money.

What was the hardest part of your first year of teaching?
Man. I think being out of the classroom. I was pulled for training after training and then I had pneumonia, and my bff got married and I feel like I was gone alot. I hated that part. My kids did really well on state assessments that year but I only had 18 and they were pretty much perfect.

What was the best part of your first year of teaching?
My kids and my colleagues. I've said it before and I will say it again. I work with the BEST group of people. Some of the people I was on a team with that first year have moved (including 2 of my bffs, Leslie and Demesha) but I have been so so blessed to work with the people at Elliott. We are seriously a family and I couldn't dream of being anywhere else. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew that first year?

Cuteness doesn't matter. Listen, I love cute. I love colorful. I am known for being that teacher. BUT BUT BUT I also know that what they learn is so much more important. As I have gained experience, I am less likely to display my kids' work because everything we do is for them to actually use. (Like my reading review folders)...they are organized, they are colorful but they are practical. So, first year teachers, you can be cute but please make sure the cuteness is second to the learning. K? 

Ya'll, I am seriously struggling to regain the balance of teaching, blogging, mothering, wife-ing, etc. Of all of those listed, blogging is usually last so bear with me... :) Last weekend before the kids come. All 29 of them. {sigh} But that's another post for another day..

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