Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Still Alive...I promise!

I hate that I have been MIA this week but I have been enjoying family vacay with my hubby's family. We went to this beautiful house in East Bernard, TX (also known as the Middle of Nowhere). Total we had 8 adults and 4 children under the age of 3. (If you want to take a moment and appreciate how brave we are, go ahead.) The kids kept us BUSY (apparently they don't know that vacation sleep-in is not 6:30...) but we had a blast swimming and hanging out together. Today we even ventured to the beach (Matagorda Bay) which was horrible draining great. ...Imagine 1000 degree sand and carrying small children, a canopy, towels, toys and food for everyone...then imagine walking at least 100 yards doing so. 

Anyway, while on vacay I was so sad to miss the last few days of the blogging challenge so I'm picking my fav prompt from the week and answering it :) 
Day 30: Create a Someday List

Professional Stuff:
-Create more fabulous TPT items
-Blog and make connections with other teacher bloggers 
-Present at more staff meetings (I don't love it, but I know its a prerequisite skill for the rest of my list)
-Get my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction
-Become an Academic Specialist 
-Possibly become a ELA or GT coordinator for my district

-Go back to Europe (this time taking my hubs and baby) 
-Lose the rest of the baby weight 
-Have another baby
-Coach club volleyball 

I love the idea of putting my someday list somewhere so that it holds me more accountable. I'm sure I have other things on my list but after the beach today, my brain (and skin) is fried. 

In other news: Teachers Pay Teachers is putting on their back to school sale and I can't wait to participate (as a seller and buyer!) 


  1. Haha, I'm actually from East Bernard and that's how I always explained it to people. You definitely should not classify Matagorda as a beach. The beach is usually 40 feet deep in seaweed. I hope yall had a good time :)

    1. That's crazy you are from there! And you are right..Matagorda isn't really a was more like sand and some water. :) But there was the sound of crashing waves so I guess that makes it a "beach"!