Monday, July 7, 2014

Big Time Blogging Challenge: Day 7 AND Made it Monday

Hey ya'll! I'm being a good girl and continuing with the blogging challenge AND posting my very first Monday Made It. Whoo hoo! 
Ok, for Day 7 Michelle has asked about our favorite books as a child or as an adult. 

Man, that is a tough one! I was (and still am) a WILD READER. (Shout out, Donalyn Miller! :)) I LOVE to read and can be totally engrossed in whatever I'm reading, no matter what is going on around me. 

As a kid, I loved the Babysitter's Club books and most realistic fiction. However, my 3 most favorite books I ever read were probably The Giver, The Phantom Tollbooth and The Twenty One Balloons...all fantasy. Go figure. 
I loved these books. (Still do) I read The Phantom Tollbooth to my students EVERY SINGLE YEAR and I love when they fall in love with it too. It is also one of those perfect examples of "don't judge a book by it's cover" because, let's be honest, that is not the most engaging cover for a 5th grader. I love the play on words and the "smart" is a MUST READ. Seriously. Add it to your list of books right now. And before I leave my soapbox, let me put in a plug for the necessity of teachers who read. Not 'Reading Teachers', but all teachers who read. We can't expect our students to read if we have zero knowledge of books ourselves. 

And now I'll step off my soapbox to show you my...

I have been in love with the mesh wreaths for a while. And I'm pretty crafty, but I hadn't tried these little guys out yet and I finally made one! This one is for my classroom, which will be UNT themed next year.

  I am itching to make my own wreath for my house for Fall...and Winter...and Valentines Day...and St. Patricks. I mean, I'm obsessed now. 

And then, I did some "re-lovin'" on this trunk my aunt bought. I don't know if the rest of the country is as obsessed with "distressing" furniture as we are in the south, but the old antique-y look is totally in down here :) 
After :) 
 Ok, before I wrap up this now super long post, I am going to advertise a few more Monday Made Its--items in my TpT store! My Reading Review folder in English and Spanish is finally up! AND I also created a Literature Circles bundle for anyone wanting to dive into Lit Circles. :) 

Reading Review Folder-English AND SpanishLiterature Circles Bundle

Or if you are looking for some cute organization for your classroom supplies check out my chalkboard themed labels: 
Classroom Supply Labels-Chalkboard Theme

Library labels coming soon! :) 

Thanks for stopping by, especially if you are still reading after this marathon post! Have a happy Monday!


  1. The Phantom Tollbooth--my husband read it to our sons several years ago and they all loved it. My husband chose it because he loved it as a child. I was "busy" doing stuff, so I still haven't read it, perhaps I will yet this summer... Hope you have a great day.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family
    PS--How did you make that very cute mesh wreath?

    1. It's so much easier than I thought it would be! You just get a wire wreath form and use pipe cleaners around the mesh and form to gather it.Then you can add all the cutesie ribbon and stuff (just by twisting the pipe cleaner around the ends of the ribbon)..I'm sure you can find a tutorial on Pinterest!

      And you HAVE to read the Phantom Tollbooth--it's so good!

  2. Love the Giver! I can't wait for the movie!

  3. I love Phantom Tollbooth as well. I was first introduced to when I was co-teaching a few years ago. You are right, the cover does not do it justice. The Giver is great too - love the author. I am not familiar with The Twenty-one Balloons. I will have to check that one out.

  4. omg I love that wreath you made and I. WANT. ONE. NOW! Is there a tutorial somewhere online? I think I *need* it before football season starts (sun devils colors for sure!)
    Also: your trunk is beautiful!
    BigTime Literacy

    1. I had a real live "tutor" for this but I found this tutorial:
      It seems like exactly the way I made mine :) If you make one, you have to post it!

    2. Thank you! I just came back searching through the blogs to find your notes...I will def share when I get it finished! :-)

  5. I also loved The Giver. I guess I'll have to read the Phantom Tollbooth. I know I've seen it around, but I've never actually read it. I teach first grade, so that's my excuse. When I was student teaching, I loved teaching Tuck Everlasting. :)
    Not very fancy

  6. Boy, you sure are crafty! Be proud. I'm lame in the crafty department. It doesn't come naturally to everyone, you know. Your re-lovin' on the trunk certainly paid off. It's beautiful. Nice work! ;)

  7. I LOVE your crafts! You really are lucky, mine all look like one of my students made them!


    Camp Kindergarten

    1. Lol..I cracked up at this comment. I'm sure you are more crafty than you think!

  8. I love the distressed look of your trunk! And your reading review folder looks fabulous!
    I'm your newest follower!
    Beyond The Gradebook

    1. Thanks Sarah! You might be follower #10---I should give you a prize or something :)