Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 15: I'm going rogue

I have been slacking on the blogging challenge because many of my previous posts were scheduled (I was on vacation) and now I have to find time to blog! (It's not like it's a chore but I do have a 10 month old who demands my time). Anyway, my child is taking a [rare] nap right now so I thought I'd write. 

Today I went up to my school to grab a few boxes of decorations I am giving to my hubs for his classroom. 

Let me explain: My school is a part of a program called No Excuses University..perhaps you've heard of it? One of the focuses is that we encourage our kids to go to college by introducing them to a variety of schools. Each classroom "represents" a different college. For the first 4 years of teaching, I had Wheaton College. (My own alma mater, North Texas, was represented by another teacher and you can have duplicates.) Listen. I loved Wheaton. Their admissions office was awesome and always sent my kids stuff and sent us cute decorations for our classroom. The football coach sent me jerseys and wrote a note to my students. BUT, this was because my hubby went to Wheaton for 2 years and played football there before a back injury ended his football  playing days. HOWEVER, if you have read my blog for at least a week, you know my true love is the University of North Texas. Well, the teacher who previous had the UNT room is moving schools so guess who snatched it up?! MEEEEEEEE! I'm so stinkin excited to have my North Texas Mean Green room. Once I get into my classroom (not until after August 11th..sigh.) and get it set up, I'll definitely post pics! 

Anyway, back to the original story in this post, we went to my school to grab the boxes of Wheaton stuff so we can make my hubby's room look awesome and I got to meet my new principal! Y'all, it's scary stuff to get new admin. They don't know our school and we don't know it's scary/exciting. A fresh start can be a good thing... {at least that's what I keep telling myself}. 

OMG I almost forgot to show ya'll my newest purchase.
I got my own Melonhead! Isn't she adorable. :) If you have been living under a rock and haven't discovered Melonheadz Illustrating then you MUST stop everything and go look at Nikki's cuteness. 

Ok, that's it for today, see ya soon! 


  1. Great stories! Keep up the blogging, I at least don't have a ten month old as an excuse...more just needed a technology break and a better tan, lame. Also, thanks for the blog sprucing up tip! I'll have to check it out!

  2. Cute story! Good luck with new admin! It is scary, but also a way to start fresh. Some good will come and inevitably there will be things you don't like, but the good thing is your reactions can be controlled and let you stay positive! :)

  3. Cute melonhead! :) I like the idea of colleges "sponsoring" classrooms.
    Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches