Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Big Time Blogging Challenge: Day 9

Another quick post since we are still at a cabin in Davis, OK. 
Share about your special furry family members: your pets!

I have 2 fur babies. Ike and Abe...well, Eisenhower and Abraham technically. [Yes, they are named after presidents. And totally by coincidence, our child is Jackson Andrews--or on rolls in school one day, Andrews, Jackson. --that was totally a funny coincidence. We are not obsessed with presidents.] We wanted our pets to have "strong" names (not "fluffy") so we went with the pres theme. 
Big Boy Ike
Baby Ike 
Here is Ike...
We got him from my cousin's farm in Clarksville. He is MY baby. He sleeps in his bed right beside my bed and follows me everywhere.
 This is Abe:

Don't be deceived by the cute face. This cat is a terror. I mean, we love him but he is into EVERYTHING! He is polydactyl which means he has lots of toes! He has 7 on his front 2 paws! 

There you have fur fam :) 

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