Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My favorite thing about my career

Today's topic for the blogging challenge is to tell our favorite thing about our career. I could say its the large paychecks, awesome insurance, and wide-spread appreciation we receive..but we all know I'd be lying. :) 
I love my job. 
But the BEST part, is being that teacher for kids. The teacher who works tirelessly to find even one book they like (and then all of the sudden they are a voracious reader!), the teacher who tries 345632 methods to help them understand math, the teacher who has high expectations, dishes out consequences, offers praise and does so much for each kid that they start calling you "Mom". I love being that teacher. Yes, it's a ton of work. And yes, we don't get thanked often enough...but those kids know. 
I teach 5th grade. They stink, they are sarcastic and they are hormonal. And I love it. When my silly boys or ridiculous girls come and give me a hug or ask if they can come early to "hang out" with melts my heart. Just thinking about it [almost] has me willing to skip the last week or so of summer vacay so I can hurry back to my big babies. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your passion! Your students are fortunate to have you.

  2. Thanks for loving the big kids! My son was in fifth grade last year, and needed (and still does) a teacher like you!