Thursday, July 17, 2014

Womp Womp

I had aspirations of finishing my classroom jobs bundle for Tpt but that didn't happen. HOWEVER, this did: 

I finally finished my morning work set for the first six weeks! Whoo hoo! I realized that today that since we have Specials 15 minutes after the bell rings AND my kids in breakfast in the classroom AND there are always late arrivals AND I will have kids in Safety Patrol...this little gem will actually probably be used in stations when I am meeting with small groups. BUT, it's done and that's all that matters. :) 
And because I'm so nice :) I have decided that other hardworking teachers need their first six weeks of morning work/station work done too. So, check out what topics the first six weeks covers: 

There are 6 weeks worth of these bad boys :) As I add the other six weeks throughout the school year, I'll keep you updated AND of course, my fabulous friend, Mrs. D is going to translate it into Spanish so...your bilingual teaching friends won't want to miss that! [Especially if they teach 4-6 grade!]

Check it out! I promise I'll work on the Classroom Jobs stuff if some of you are interested in's just nice to be done with stuff, ya know?! :) Have a good night ya'll! 

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