Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blogging Challenge Day 13: Travel Adventures!

Oh my goodness. Another day of the blogging challenge where I could write a book.
Travel: past adventures or future excursions

I have been to 29 states and 9 countries so far which means I have ALOT of traveling I still want to do! After my senior year of high school, I went with my German club to visit Europe. We ventured to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France. It was amazing and I am determined to take my family over there some day. {I don't have pictures for this post because it was 8 years ago so the pics are probably on a CD with my scrapbook somewhere}

My favorite way to travel, is by cruise ship. If you haven't done it, you are seriously missing out. The food, the sun, the water...I mean, it's the BEST way to travel. 
I took this picture with a water camera while parasailing in Key West. Isn't it gorgeous?!
On a private island in the Bahamas..aka heaven.
I love love love cruising. Since we live in Texas, we can drive a few short hours (ok, 6...) to Galveston and hop on a boat there without paying airfare. But I have cruised out of Florida too. You've gotta do it. 

Future adventures: Myrtle Beach, SC in a month and then my hubs and I want to go to Washington DC (he's never been but I have and loved it), NYC, Vegas (he hasn't been there either--too many people he says BUT I will convince him to take me!) and of course, another cruise..or 2. Or one every summer. Whatevs. 

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